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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Heat 2009

Summer Heat 2009
Welcome to my blog!! I am new to this, so (please) bear with me as I learn while I go.

My first post will be my Summer Heat 2009 mixtape link. Summer Heat 2009 consists of new hip hop as well as throwbacks. It also contains blendz and mixes exclusive to this cd. You can access the mix directly by clicking HERE. You can also download it via my MIXXES page or simply listen to it there (on the flash player). The whole cd is not your typical mixtape. It is a long-playing mix that is meant to be played at a party or even a club. The drops are tastefully added, but not overplayed. I just uploaded this to my own server 2 days ago, so it is still brand new. In fact, I haven't even finished duplicating the master cd, yet.

This mix is guaranteed to stay in your home stereo or car throughout the summer and even into the fall. If you enjoy hip hop, you will enjoy the creative blending of the music on this cd.

You can also download the mixtape in a ZIP file here or by clicking on the album art. The ZIP file contains an mp3 of each individual track as well as the cd art and contact information. The ZIP file is 117MB and encoded at 192kb/sec. The benefit of downloading this is the ability to burn the mixtape to cd (using burning software such as Nero) with much ease once it is downloaded and extracted.

Summer Heat 2009 Playlist...
01. Intro
02. I Get It In (50 Cent)
03. Welcome To The Strip Club (Baby Bash)
04. The Next Episode/Me & U (Dr. Dre vs. Cassie)
05. The Future (Joe Budden feat. the Game)
06. Run It (Chris Brown feat. Beanie Sigel & Juelz Santana)
07. Interlude
08. Get Out My Phone (Triple J)
09. I Go (Hammer)
10. Old School Shit (Outkast & DMX)
11. Dope Boyz (Kardinal Offishall)
12. N 2 Gether Now (Limp Bizkit feat. Method Man)
13. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin (Throwback Mix) (Wu-Tang Clan)
14. Lying On Ya Dick (Jameelah)
15. My Neck, My Back (Rabid Mix) (Khia)
16. Wake It Up (E-40 feat. Akon)
17. Interlude (Clitoris)
18. All Nite (Janet feat. Elephant Man)
19. Once Upon A Time (Montell Jordan)
20. Pump It Up (Joe Budden)
21. Ghost Ride It (Mistah FAB)
22. Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott)
23. Let It Rock (Kevin Rudolph)
24. Without Me (Eminem)
25. Interlude (Paul)
26. We Made You (Eminem)
27. Double Fisted (Jam On Mix) (Rell Dert)
28. Break The Grip Of Shame (Paris)
29. Bring Tha Noize (Public Enemy)
30. Miss You Much (Shameful Blend) (Janet Jackson)
31. Dangerous (Kardinal Offishall feat. Sean Paul & Akon)
32. Throwbacks!! (Diamond Dog)
33. Right Round (Flo-Rida feat. Snoop Dogg & Will.I.Am)
34. Room Service (Pitbull)
35. Unstoppable (Kat DeLuna)
36. Psycho Chick (Lyrikill)
37. Turn It Up (Miss B)
38. Interlude (All About Yo Mama)
39. Yo Mama Gotta Moustache (Hot Stylz)
40. Swing (Savage)
41. Shone (Flo-Rida feat. Pleasure P)
42. Drop It Down Low (Yung Joc feat. T-Pain)
43. Stay Fresh (Maknolia Boyz)
44. Go DJ...Diamond Dog (Diamond Dog)
45. Respect My Fresh (Kinfolk Kia Shine)
46. I'm Dope Nigga (Method Man & Redman)
47. Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers (Method Man & Redman)

I will be updating this blog regularly as I learn more. Be on the lookout for some older mixtape posts as well as a few up-and-coming mixtapes due out later this year.