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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Queen - We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix)


Aimed at pumping up people for big games, fights, etc, We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix) takes one of the greatest fight songs of all time... We Will Rock You by Queen and spices it up with several samples from other songs and movies, such as Friday and Goodfellas. This one is worth the time and you may find it to be a nice addition to your ipod when working out. It's certainly hardcore.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ice Ice Baby Got Back (Vanilla Ice vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot)

This may possibly be one of the most entertaining party mashups EVER!! Two of the biggest hits of all time, Baby Got Back , the huge international hit from Sir Mix-A-Lot meets Ice Ice Baby , another enormous hit of the 90's from the one hit wonder Vanilla Ice and simply goes bezerk!! This mashup fuses these two tracks together to entertain those party crowds that love these 2 old school classics. Ice Ice Baby Got Back may soon be one of the most downloaded & widely used tracks from ever. Be sure to sample and download this sure fire "party starter"... it's all FREE.... as ALWAYS!!

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