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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rosa Parks (Diamond Dog Rabid Extended Mix)

Download the DJ friendly version of the classic Outkast track... Rosa Parks. This comes with an 8 bar intro, outro, & party breaks to keep the party jumpin!!

You can direct download this track here.

You can also sample this track at my website.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Florida Skate Jamz.......
(from the late 80z & early 90z)

Anyone who likes the old school skate jamz (electro & freestyle music) will love this mix cd. It's got a great mix of 60 classics, straight from the south Florida roller rinks in the late 80's, guaranteed to keep you saying "I haven't heard that in a LONG time". This is cd quality and contains great throwback jamz for those who love the throwbacks!! If you are in your 30's and up....especially if you grew up in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Homestead/Florida City regions... you'll recognize these great tracks!!

Stream Here
Mixtape Download

01. Intro
02. It Takes 2 (Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock)
03. My Parta Town (Tuff Crew)
04. How Can We Be Wrong (Trinere)
05. Jam On It (Newcleus)
06. Burn Rubber (The Gap Band)
07. In The Bottle (C.O.D.)
08. Radioactivity (Royal Cash)
09. We're Rockin The Planet (Hashim)
10. Funky Soul Makossa (Nairobi)
11. Spring Love (Stevie B.)
12. What's On Your Mind (Information Society)
13. One More Shot (C-Bank)
14. Dance To The Drummer's Beat (H. Kelly & Life)
15. Don't Stop The Rock (Freestyle)
16. I.O.U. (Freeez)
17. Operator (Midnight Star)
18. Double Dutch Bus (Frankie Smith)
19. Fascinated (Company B)
20. Come Go With Me (Rabid Mix) (Expose)
21. Security (The Beat Club)
22. Say It's Gonna Rain (Will To Power)
23. It's Like That (Run DMC)
24. I'll Be All You Ever Need (Trinere)
25. Rockberry Jam (LA Dream Team)
26. Scorpio (Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5)
27. Freak-A-Zoid (Midnight Star)
28. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (Hashim)
29. Time (Stone)
30. Can You Feel The Beat (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
31. Fading Away (Will To Power)
32. They're Playing Our Song (Trinere)
33. Body Mechanic (Quadrant Six)
34. Pretty Girls (Miami Jam Crew)
35. Party Your Body (Stevie B.)
36. Body Talk (The Deele)
37. Get It Girl (The 2 Live Crew)
38. Grandmaster Melle Mel (Survival)
39. What People Do For Money (Divine Sounds)
40. Clear (Cybotron)
41. I Feel For You (Chaka Khan)
42. Holly Dolly (Kano)
43. Play At Your Own Risk (Planet Patrol)
44. Dreamin' (Will To Power)
45. Lookout Weekend (Debbie Deb)
46. Girls (Egyptian Lover)
47. When I Hear Music (Debbie Deb)
48. Jam The Box (Pretty Tony)
49. Egypt, Egypt (Egyptian Lover)
50. The Party Has Begun (Freestyle)
51. I'm Ready (Kano)
52. We Are The Jonzun Crew (Jonzun Crew)
53. Electric Kingdom (Twilight 22)
54. Fix It In The Mix (Pretty Tony)
55. Cheap Thrills (Planet Patrol)
56. Numbers (Kraftwerk)
57. So Many Men (Miquel Brown)
58. Freestyle Express (Freestyle)
59. Beef Box (MC Chief & Sexy Lady)
60. I Didn't Know I Loved You (Planet Patrol)