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Monday, January 2, 2012

Diamond Dog's Mixes from the past year!!

The year 2011 brought several mixes, mashups, remixes & mixtapes from DJ Diamond Dog. For your convenience, here's a condensed list with everything from the past year!!

  1. Self Esteem (Rabid Slapmix) (The Offspring feat. Fred Durst)
  2. Clay Matthews Hits HARD (video clip)
  3. Pretty Fly (Rabid Dance Mix) (the Offspring)
  4. Lose It (Charli Baltimore feat. Snoop & T-Pain)
  5. Black & Yellow (Wiz Khalifa feat. Juicy J)
  6. Old School Jamz (mix)
  7. Summer Heat 2011 (mixtape)
  8. Uh Oh (Rabid Remix) (Mystikal)
  9. Renegades vs. Y Ata A Yoyo (mashup)
  10. Butterfly (Rabid Remix) (Crazy Town)
  11. Heaven/On Earth vs. Calle Ocho (mashup)
  12. Concentrate vs. Genius Of Love (mashup)
  13. Party Rock Anthem (Rabid Remix) (LMFAO feat. Pitbull)
  14. Party Rock Anthem (Rabid Remix) (video)
  15. Get This Party Started vs. Little Bad Girl (mashup)
  16. Throwback Homestead Jamz (mix)
  17. Fast Lane (Rabid X-tended) (Bad Meets Evil)
  18. Chaos (A Smorgasbord Of Music) (mix)
  19. Slap My Beat Up (DJ Diamond Dog)
  20. Damn (No Problem Remix) (Youngbloodz feat. Lil Scrappy)
  21. Ageless (the megamix)
  22. Breathe vs. Breathe (mashup)
  23. What's The Difference vs. Breathe (mashup)
  24. Rock Megamix (mix)
  25. Quick Hitzzz 2011 (mixtape)
  26. New Year's Megamix 2011 (mix)

These are just my releases from 2011!! So be sure to check out my full website for all my other releases!! Thanks so much to everyone for your support through the past year & years before!! And please share my links with your friends, too!! Wishing everyone a happy 2012. More mixes coming soon!!