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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ponies In Paris (Ginuwine vs. Jay-Z)

Enter Ginuwine. A phenomenal R&B singer who took center stage in the 1990's with his massively successful hit... Pony. Pony was a very sexual hit that was great for grinding. Between his voice, the deep percussion and the street melody, it seems that everyone who enjoys hip hop and R&B enjoys this song, even 20 years later.

Pony has now been brought into the 2010's with 3 mashups. In Ponies In Paris, Ginuwine's voice flows smoothly over Jay-Z's street level jam, Niggas In Paris. Pony also takes a pop turn in Broccoli Pony with the implementation of DRAM's Broccoli behind Ginuwine's vocals. Last, but certainly not least, in Pony In My Cup (what a funny title), you get a very smooth mashup with Ginuwine flowing flawlessly over Kirko Bangz' Drank In My Cup. All 3 mashups are certified bangers and all 3 can be downloaded here. They are also all clean, so they can be played virtually anywhere.

There are several more mixes and mashups on the horizon, so stay tuned and be sure to keep up with me and my releases at my websitefacebook and instagram pages.  You can also browse and download via my mobile website at (note: downloading via the mobile site will not work with IOS because iTunes will not allow it).