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Monday, November 20, 2017

T-Pain - I'm Sprung (Work From Home Mix)

In 2005, T-Pain turned the hip hop/R&B world upside down with the use of autotune on his smash hit I'm Sprung... from the album Rappa Ternt Sanga. The hit was a cross-genre hit, receiving accolades in the hip hop, pop and r&b charts. In 2017, I've crossed this one up with another big hit. This one from 2016 by the Miami pop group Fifth Harmony, Work From Home (form the album 24/7) goes very well with I'm Sprung, creating a sound that spans 11 years.

You can stream I'm Sprung (Work From Home Mix) right here and at You can also access the fully free download and even watch the remixed music video below. Remember, this heat is brought to you by the Modern Throwbacks Mixtape, which combines hit songs from different eras, making them appealing to all age groups.

Stay tuned for more releases soon!! Also, Thanksgiving is only 3 days away! I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fugees - Ready Or Not (Fly High Mix)

The second single installment from the Modern Throwbacks mixtape features a 90's classic by the Fugees. Ready or Not (from their album The Score) was not only a hit in the US, but a huge success in Europe as well. Combined with Jim Jones' hottest track on his resume, We Fly High (from his album POME [Product of my Environment]), this blend takes on a much higher energy than the original version.

Take a minute and sample this one because it's guaranteed to please all ears. You can stream the audio above, stream the video at Vimeo or below and download the single here. The download link features both clean and dirty versions as well as extended intro and outro untagged versions for the DJ's. All in high quality!!

Don't sleep on this one or the Modern Throwbacks mixtape, which features this track and 24 other hot blends, including Young MA - Ooouuu (AF1 Mix). Stay tuned for more single releases from the mixtape dropping soon!!

Ready Or Not (We Fly High) video

Monday, November 13, 2017

Young MA - OOOUUU (AF1 Mix)

Although widely known on the underground circuit, Young M.A. came through the mainstream in 2016, smashing everyone in her way, with the hit OOOUUU. OOOUUU takes the hardcore, gritty street sound (that is so often associated with hip hop) and added in lyrics complete with an uncanny amount of wordplay and metaphors, making it enjoyable to listen to. OOOUUU is from her first album, HerStory, which is available on Amazon and itunes.

As a proponent of old school hip hop, I found a beat ( Air Force Ones by Nelly) that worked to pefection with Young MA's already phenomenal vocal skills. Inspired from the Modern Throwbacks mixtape, the OOOUUU (AF1 Mix) is now online for everyone and the download features both clean & dirty versions as well as tag-free DJ intro & outros. If you like Young MA, I recommend sampling OOOUUU (AF1 Mix) and taking advantage of the free, HQ download for your personal music library. I've also added a video for OOOUUU (AF1 Mix) since I really enjoy it so much!!

I appreciate the support from everyone, everywhere. There are folks who show me alot of love for my mix releases and for that, I am blessed. Thank you so much. Another one in the books, and more to come soon!!

Young MA - Ooouuu (AF1 Mix) video

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Modern Throwbacks

Throughout the past 40 years that hip hop has been a part of American life, there have been a huge number of songs that have touched us and become timeless throughout the decades. Although the genres have changed through the years, most notably in the recent decade, there are still songs being put out that will be timeless in the next 30-40 years. The idea that all of these songs are great in their own way... with their own appeal... inspired me to put together Modern Throwbacks. This is a 70 minute mix with the theme of fusing older beats with newer lyrics and vice versa. With 25 tracks included, Modern Throwbacks will give you a whole new perspective of the songs included. Even if there's a song that you may not have liked, it will take on a whole new feel when combined with another song from a completely different era.

Modern Throwbacks is a must-hear mix for everyone. I guarantee there will be many (if not all) tracks that you will absolutely love. So, in the tradition of my uploads, please take a moment to sample the Modern Throwbacks audio and download the full mix for your local audio player for free. This is a new style mix that you won't want to miss and be sure to share it with your friends. Everyone should be bumping this one!! You can also download the mixtape here, which comes with each track as an individual mp3. All downloads are also available at

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Here's the track listing for Modern Throwbacks...

01. Forgot About Dre (HumbleMix)
02. Ooouuu (Air Force One Mix)
03. By The Time I Get To Arizona (Ooouuu Mix)
04. Ready Or Not (We Fly High mix)
05. Big Poppa (Damn Dilemma Mix)
06. My House (E.I. Mix)
07. Tight Skirt (Hate Me Now Mix)
08. Hey Baby (Starboy Mix)
09. Money, Cash, Hoes (Faded Mix)
10. Strip That Down (Reminisce Mix)
11. North Cack (Treble and Bass Mix)
12. Real Love (Lying Hips Mix)
13. Unforgettable (Do It Mix)
14. Hold It Now Hit It (Unforgettable Mix)
15. Save Dat Money (Hold the Goodies Mix)
16. Let Me Love You (Goodies Mix)
17. I Wanna Love You (Wifey Mix)
18. I'm Sprung (Work From Home Mix)
19. Doo Wop, That Thing (Bartender Mix)
20. Can't Believe It (Friends Mix)
21. The Sickness (F**k Wit U Mix)
22. It's Goin Down (Ready Or Not Mix)
23. Paper Planes (Shook Ones Mix)
24. Family Affair (679 Mix)
25. Wanna Be A Baller (Principal's Mix)