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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mystikal - Uh Oh (the Rabid Remixes)

(rabid 'R' rated remix)

(rabid XXX miami bass tribute mix)

Here's a collection of remixes to Mystikal's latest release... Uh Oh (feat. Jazelle Paris).  You can sample the dirty version and the XXX rated version (which is a 2011 tribute to Miami Bass & the originators of sexually explicit hip hop... the 2 Live Crew).  You can also download the single packet, which is basically the equivalent of a cd single and contains various versions of the track...
  1. Uh Oh (Rabid Clean Remix)
  2. Uh Oh (Rabid 'R' Rated Remix)
  3. Uh Oh (Rabid Instrumental)
  4. Uh Oh (Rabid XXX Miami Bass Tribute Mix)
  5. Uh Oh (Rabid XXX Acapella)

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