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Monday, June 9, 2014

Lowville Senior Prom Mix (class of 2014)

Mixed & recorded EXCLUSIVELY for the class of 2014 seniors in Lowville, NY, this mix takes a journey throughout the 4 years of high school that these graduates experienced. Based on popular music between 2011 (freshman year) throughout 2014 (senior year), this mix features hits such as Rolling In The Deep ( Adele), Sexy & I Know It ( LMFAO), Turn Down For What ( DJ Snake & Lil Jon), Cruise ( Florida Georgia Line) and many more!! Although this mix will always be the LOWVILLE SENIOR PROM MIX, it is also a great mix for all graduation senior classes of 2014 throughout the country. Just remember, Lowville had it first... at their senior prom on June 7, 2014!!

With all the great music, this mix should be a fan favorite for Lowville along with many others this summer. So, don't hesitate to take a moment to sample the Lowville Senior Prom Mix and be sure to download this CD quality mix for your BBQ, grad party, or whatever other festivities you may be enjoying this summer!!