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Friday, May 31, 2013

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me (the Mashups)

 ~~ download Pour Some Sugar On Me (the Mashups) ~~

 A true classic in the era of hard rock, Def Leppard forged their success throughout the 80's and early 90's with hits such as Hysteria, Rock Of Ages and possibly their biggest hit... Pour Some Sugar On Me. These mashups take the classic vocals of Pour Some Sugar On Me & fuse them with several very popular hip hop beats (such as Snap Yo Fingers, E.I, In Da Club & more). The result: a more urban/club sound for a great band and a great song. There is also a bass remix added in for more originality.

So check out the Pour Some Sugar On Me mashups and feel free to download them all at once or each one individually. You can choose from the Bass Mix, Snap Mix, Crunk Mix, Dipset Mix, Midwest Mix & In Da Club Mix.

Thanks for your support of More mixes soon to come!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shuffler's Anthem (A Roller Skater's Dream Mixtape)

If you are or ever have been someone who loves to go roller skating at a roller rink, then the Shuffler's Anthem will be right up your alley!! Inspired by my own personal days both DJ'ing and skating at Sunshine Skateway (Homestead, FL) and Hot Wheels (Kendall, FL), the Shuffler's Anthem brings out some of the best skating (or shuffling as we used to call it back in the day) music ever!! Featuring tracks from the 1970's straight through 2013, this mix will make you wanna throw on a pair of quads or roller blades and hit the floor. Once you listen, you will hear songs such as PYT, Together Forever, Get Ready, Hooked On Your Love, Good Feeling, IOU, Love Rollercoaster and over 80 more!!

Because of the huge amount of different tracks on this mixtape, it is divided up by 5 minute sections instead of by songs... allowing for the full flow of the mix to be heard and felt throughout the duration!! So if you wanna feel the full effect of great skating music, then make sure you sample and download the Shuffler's Anthem!! Free for anyone and everyone who wants it, this one will stir up memories & nostalgia for those of you who were skating in the 70's and 80's!!

 PART I...
01. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (Hashim)
02. Don't Stop The Rock (Freestyle)
03. Say It's Gonna Rain (Will To Power)
04. Security (The Beat Club)
05. Planet Rock (Afrika Bambaataa)
06. Play At Your Own Risk (Planet Patrol)
07. My Heart's Divided (Shannon)
08. Inside Outside (The Cover Girls)

09. Get It Girl (2 Live Crew)
10. Come Go With Me (Expose)
11. Take Me In Your Arms (Lil Suzy)
12. Bass Mechanic (MC ADE)
13. Louder Than Love (TKA)
14. I'm Searchin' (Debbie Deb)

15. It's Automatic (Freestyle)
16. The Smurf (Tyrone Brunson)
17. It's Like That (Run DMC)
18. Give It All You Got (Afro-Rican)
19. Get Off (Foxy)
20. Numbers (Kraftwerk)
21. Firecracker (Mass Production)

22. Fix It In The Mix (Pretty Tony)
23. Rock The Planet (the Megatrons)
24. Clear (Cybotron)
25. A Little Bit Of Ecstacy (Jocelyn Enriquez)
26. We Are The Jonzun Crew (Jonzun Crew)
27. Computer Age (Push The Button) (Newcleus)

28. Poison Ivy (Young & Restless)
29. Siberian Nights (Twilight 22)
30. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bass (Beat Dominator)
31. Let It Whip (Dazz Band)
32. Drop The Bass (DJ Magic Mike)
33. Good Feeling (Flo-Rida)
34. Freestyle Express (Freestyle)
35. Fading Away (Will To Power)

36. I Seen Your Boyfriend (Get Fresh Girls)
37. I Didn't Know I Loved You (Til I Saw You Rock and Roll) (Planet Patrol)
38. Push Push In The Bush (2BMF)
39. Freakshow On The Dance Floor (the Bar-Kays)
40. Chicken Head (MC Zeus)
41. Rippin (Sir Mix-A-Lot)
42. Get Ready (Rare Earth)

43. We Can Get Together (2BMF)
44. Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas)
45. Electric Kingdom (Twilight 22)
46. Young Ladies (Fast Lane)
47. I Know You Want Me (Pitbull)
48. Missy Mist Gettin Bass (Missy Mist)
49. Time To Rock The House (DJ Eddie B)
50. Dreamin (Will To Power)
51. Egypt Egypt (Egyptian Lover)

52. I Cry (Flo-Rida)
53. Fantasy Girl (Johnny O)
54. Space Is The Place (Jonzun Crew)
55. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) (Michael Jackson)
56. Wild Thing (Tone Loc)

57. Jam The Box (Pretty Tony)
58. In The Ayer (Flo-Rida)
59. Feel It (DJ Felli Fel)
60. Full Circle (Company B)
61. Freak A Zoid (Midnight Star)

62. Pack Jam (Jonzun Crew)
63. Holly Dolly (Kano)
64. One More Shot (C-Bank)
65. I'm Ready (Kano)
66. Shake The Joint (Breezy Beat MC)

67. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground ) (the Jacksons)
68. Dance To The Drummers Beat (Herman Kelly and Life)
69. Funky Soul Makossa (Awesome Foursome)
70. In Your Face (Freestyle)

71. Gossip Folks (Missy Elliott)
72. Double Dutch Bus (Frankie Smith)
73. In The Bottle (COD)
74. Whats On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Information Society)
75. Radio Activity (Royal Cash)

76. Together Forever (Lisette Melendez)
77. Fascinated (Company B)
78. Just Give The DJ A Break (Dynamix II)
79. IOU (Freeez)
80. Cant Let You Go (Coro)

81. Dedication To My Ex (Lloyd)
82. Hooked On Your Love (KC and the Sunshine Band)
83. When I Think Of You (Janet Jackson)
84. Hooked On You (Sweet Sensation)
85. Summertime Summertime (Nocera)
86. My Parta Town (Tuff Crew)

87. Rockit (Herbie Hancock)
88. Silent Morning (Noel)
89. It Takes 2 (Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock)
90. One Way Love (TKA)

91. Love Rollercoaster (the Ohio Players)
92. Fantastic Voyage (Lakeside)