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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (rabid remix)

In 1984, when times were still much more conservative, one of the most overly sexualized songs was released. Originating from England, Frankie Goes to Hollywood dropped the sex-heavy hit Relax (Don't Do It) and it took over. At one point, the song was even banned by the BBC due to it's controversial lyrics, which the band stated were not sexual in nature. Nonetheless, the lyrics were received as sexual by everyone else. Relax peaked at #1 in the UK and at #10 in the US. Even now, 33 years later, the song remains widely recognized by audiences of all ages.

With the remix of Morning After Dark about a week ago and featuring a sample of this smash hit, it was clear to me that I wanted to remix the original song. The remix features a verse from Petey Pablo and upgraded percussion. It is a nice alternative to the original, especially with the increased bass. You can stream Relax (rabid remix) right here  and (as always) you can download it here for free as well.

Be sure to check back for more great summer remixes and mashups. Coming soon will be a long overdue country megamix!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Timbaland - Morning After Dark (Relax Mix)

Timbaland's Morning After Dark was a mediocre hit in 2010. It featured the original Timbaland type sound combined with 2 of the featured artists on this remix... SoShy & Nelly Furtado. The song had a dark (but sexy) vampire theme... as described by Timbaland. It was also the debut for his new artist (at the time), SoShy.

The Relax Mix features a sample from a timeless classic that originated in the mid 80's... Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, which was an overly sexual song for it's time. The melody is one of the most reognizable melodies of the decade and really sexualizes the song. Along some solid percussion and effects, this remix really adds a good floor appeal. You can stream the Relax Mix of Morning After Dark right here or at If you enjoy it, be sure to download it. The download also features an instrumental as an added bonus.

Stay tuned to for more upcoming remixes to set your summer off right!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Foundations (the evolution of hip hop/r&b)

The genres of hip hop and R&B are complex genres that were influenced by a number of different sounds. These genres, through time, evolved into what you hear today. Many people don't realize just how much influence is still involved in today's hip hop/r&b music. Samples of funk, disco and even rock & roll are often heard throughout the hip hop genre. And R&B has evolved from bands into mostly vocal groups through the use of digital production. But, if you listen close, you can still hear those influences from yesteryear in both genres. 

Foundations takes you on a journey through the foundations that initiated today's music. You will hear the music that pioneered the hip hop genre as well as the highly influential genres that gradually evolved into today's r&b genre. You will hear icons such as James Brown and the Fatback Band in the same set with more recent artists such as Mariah Carey and Usher

With a 2 hour time span, Foundations is great to throw in your ride or even turn up at your next BBQ. The playlist is phenomenal and you can stream Foundations right here or at as well as download it for data-free play on your local device. 

Foundations (the evolution of hip hop/r&b) is a great mixtape for the old heads and young gunners as well. For the older folks, this will take you back. For the young folks, this will give you a new perspective. If you don't believe me, then check out the playlist....

01. Take Me There (Blackstreet ft Mya)
02. Thank God It's Friday (R. Kelly)
03. Fiesta (R. Kelly ft Jadakiss)
04. You Remind Me (Method Man)
05. What's My Name (Snoop Dogg)
06. Can't Stop (After 7)
07. Hold On (En Vogue)
08. The Big Payback (James Brown)
09. Always On Time (Ja Rule ft Ashanti)
10. Don't Stop The Music (Yarborough & Peoples)
11. Juicy (Mtume)
12. Juicy (Notorious BIG)
13. Where The Party At (Jagged Edge ft Nelly)
14. Colors (Ice-T)
15. Uptown Baby (Lord Tariq ft Peter Gunz)
16. UNITY (Queen Latifah)
17. Daydreamin (Tatyana Ali)
18. Every Little Thing I Do (Soul IV Real)
19. Get It On Tonite (Montell Jordan)
20. You Will Never Finad Another Lover (Funkmaster Flex ft In Essence)
21. Quiet Storm (Mobb Deep ft Lil Kim)
22. Back To Life (Soul II Soul ft Mary J Blige)
23. Do Wop [That Thing] (Lauryn Hill)
24. They Reminisce Over You (Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
25. The Mission (Special Ed)
26. Same Song (Digital Underground ft Tupac)
27. Genius Rap (Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde)
28. Nasty Boys (Janet Jackson)
29. Genius Of Love (Tom Tom Club)
30. Fantasy (Mariah Carey ft ODB)
31. Don't Walk Away (Jade)
32. Scream (Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson)
33. Helluva (Brotherhood Creed)
34. Brick House (the Commodores)
35. I Ain't No Joke (Eric B & Rakim)
36. I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
37. Wild Wild West (Will Smith)
38. If I Had No Loot (Tony Toni Tone)
39. Yeah (Usher)
40. Move It Like This (K7)
41. Here We Go Again (Portrait)
42. Jump Around (House Of Pain)
43. Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Will Smith)
44. Alright (Janet Jackson)
45. Rhythm Nation (Janet Jackson)
46. Gimme The Light (Sean Paul)
47. Rub You The Right Way (Johnny Gill)
48. Changes (Tupac)
49. Ownlee Eue (Kwame)
50. Miami (Will Smith)
51. And The Beat Goes On (the Whispers)
52. The Breaks (Kurtis Blow)
53. Hollywood Swingin' (Kool & the Gang)
54. Fantastic Voyage (Coolio)
55. Fantastic Voyage (Lakeside)
56. Automatic (the Pointer Sisters)
57. The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)
58. My Parta Town (Tuff Crew)
59. Monie In The Middle (Monie Love)
60. Best Of My Love (the Emotions)
61. Got To Be Real (Cheryl Lynn)
62. Walking On Sunshine (Rocker's Revenge)
63. Rock Steady (the Whispers)
64. Miss You Much (Janet Jackson)
65. Let The Music Play (Shannon)
66. Treat Em Right (Chubb Rock)
67. Bring The Noise (Public Enemy)
68. Break The Grip Of Shame (Paris)
69. Car Wash (Rose Royce)
70. Backstrokin (Fatback Band)
71. Funky Cold Medina (Tone Loc)
72. In My House (Mary Jane Girls)
73. How Will I Know (Whitney Houston)
74. Feels Good (Tony Toni Tone)
75. Big Poppa (Notorious BIG)
76. Between the Sheets (the Isley Brothers)
77. Just A Friend (Biz Markie)
78. A Nightmare On My Street (DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince)
79. It's Going Down (Yung Joc)
80. Hot Boyz (Missy Elliott)
81. It Was A Good Day (Ice Cube)
82. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Jay-Z)
83. Hey Lover (LL Cool J ft Boyz II Men)
84. Hit Me Off (New Edition)
85. Foolish (Ashanti ft Notorious BIG)
86. Stay With Me (DeBarge)
87. One More Chance (Notorious BIG)
88. As Long As I've Got You (the Charmels)
89. CREAM (Wu-Tang Clan)
90. Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield)
91. Afro Puffs (Lady Of Rage)
92. Street Dreams (Nas)
93. Shut Em Down (Public Enemy)