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Friday, July 31, 2015

3rd Bass - Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix)

download Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix)

Warning: 80's flashback alert. Yes! Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features a big 80's sample... Rapture. Originally performed by Blondie (from the album Autoamerican), Rapture peaked at #1 on the billboard hot 100 where it remained for 2 weeks.

Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features some of NY's best hip hop artists performing over (ironically) a sample of the first track to reach #1 on the charts that incorporated rap into it. Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features some of the best lyricists ever to come out of NYC along with an iconic sample that will be recognized by virtually everyone who is over 35.

Be sure to take a minute and sample Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) and download it for your music library. The download link features both the clean & dirty versions along with an instrumental version.


Friday, July 24, 2015

E-40 - Rear View Mirror (rabid remix) (ft Nas, Kia Shine, Ludacris & My Darkest Days)

download E-40 - Rear View Mirror (rabid remix)

If you're looking for a hip hop track that touches on several rapping styles, from the north to the south to the midwest to the west coast, along with a rock twist to it, then look no further because you've found it. Rear View Mirror was originally released by the very popular Bay area rapper E-40 (on the album Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift), who has been in the hip hop game for over 25 years & 22 studio albums to date. The Rear View Mirror (rabid remix) teams E-40 up with the gritty NY MC Nas, Memphis underground phenom Kia Shine, Atlanta's super MC Ludacris & Ontario, Canada's very own post-grunge band, My Darkest Days. What you get with the rabid remix is some heavy bass drums, smooth guitar riffs (from both My Darkest Days and the ever popular Linkin Park) and solid lyricism from the emcees, featuring unique styles from their respective locations in the country.

If you like the rock-rap sound, then take a minute to sample the Rear View Mirror (rabid remix). If you like the sound, you can download Rear View Mirror (rabid remix) right here for free. The download link features both a clean edited version along with the explicit version. Don't sleep on this one because it will really get your rear view mirror vibratin'! 

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Band Perry - Chainsaw (Rabid Extended Mix)

download Chainsaw (rabid extended mix)

In 2014, the Band Perry released a hit song entitled Chainsaw. In 2015, releases an extended version containing a different sound from the original. This version is a nice addition for the DJ's primarily because it has an 8 bar intro and an 8 bar outro for mixing. It also has some samples and limited party breaks to change up the feel of the original. Lining the background is a smooth kickdrum to move the subs. And probably the best feature of this track is the fact that it has absolutely no DJ drops so it is a great addition to any lineup that might feature this type of music.

You can sample Chainsaw (rabid extended mix) here and download it for free.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hot Summer Mixtapes!!

So far, it's been a great summer at with 3 bangin' mixtapes to jam virtually anywhere.  With genres featured from rock to hip hop to reggae, there has been a release for everyone, no matter what your taste in music! In case you missed the releases, here are links to all 3!!

Island Sounds is a reggae mixtape featuring popular reggae/dancehall music from the 70's & 80's through 2015, from Bob Marley & Lady Saw to Chan Dizzy and Demarco. These Carribean tracks will make you wanna grab a drink, turn up the music and head down to the nearest beach!! Read more, stream and download here...

If hip hop is your taste in music, then Summer Heat 2015 has the ingredients that you will want. Featuring srtists such as Jadakiss and Method Man, Summer Heat 2015 showcases the newest hip hop along with some memorable throwbacks.You will not be disappointed with the track selection if you are a fan of the real hip hop and not the watered down industry standard that passes off pop-rap as hip hop these days. Read more, stream and download here... Read more, stream and download here...

Of course there is always music from the rock genre and Rock vs. Rap (round 3) takes you on a journey to a land where constant mashups of rock & hip hop are the norm. This features a constant blending of... well... everything. You will easily bounce from the Fu-Schnickens to Green Day to the Commodores before you even realize it. Based of the signature Rock vs. Rap mixtapes that originated at,  Rock vs. Rap (round 3) takes the mixtape game to a whole new level. This is a "must-hear" no matter what genre of music you claim.  Read more, stream and download here... Read more, stream and download here...

 Thanks you very much to everyone who supports my mixes. Since all of my mixes are free, I pay for my website and all bandwidth out of pocket in an effort to keep the dream of free music alive for all. Your support is what keeps me motivated and moving forward.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Island Sounds

download Island Sounds (clean | explicit)

Happy 4th of July to all of my people in the States!! This independence day, I am celebrating with some music from abroad... Jamaica to be exact. Today I give you Island Sounds... my first mixtape exclusively featuring reggae and dancehall style music. Island Sounds showcases some of the hottest reggae & dancehall from the present and the past. With big names like Bob Marley, Lady Saw, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Mr Vegas & more... you just can't go wrong.

The reggae music featured in Island Sounds will make you want to grab a drink and head to the beach and just enjoy the sun & warm weather. The dancehall side of this mixtape will surely make you wanna just get up and start dancing.

So take a minute to stream Island Sounds. If you're digging the vibe, you can download either the clean version or the explicit version to bump on your ipod or cd deck. Thanks for your support & enjoy the "island sounds!"