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Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick Hitzzz 2012

Once again, the end of another year is upon us. And as all DJ Diamond Dog followers know, that means the annual "end of the year" mixtape. This year is the 6th installment of the Quick Hitzzz series... Quick Hitzzz 2012. As in the past, this year's edition features some of the most successful artists through the year, both mainstream and indie. The biggest impact this year was probably made by Nicki Minaj with multiple hits from Pound the Alarm to Starships. Lil Wayne, as always, continues to be featured on many tracks, continuing his relevance in the industry. Flo-Rida, also, has continued to please with his urban Dance sound on songs like I Cry and Whistle. Ke$ha also made a late run in the year with her smash hit Die Young.

Quick Hitzzz 2012 will continue to please with a non stop mix of these and many other big tracks from the year. Downloads are all free at, so be sure to sample Quick Hitzzz 2012 and download the ipod or cd version. 

Thanks for your support of God Bless & have a great Christmas & New Year!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Labrinth - Earthquake (feat Tinie Tempah, Kia Shine & Sean White)

English singer & songwriter Labrinth goes hard with his 2012 hit Earthquake, from his debut album Electronic Earth. Well, the rabid remix goes even harder, taking the original song & beat & adding 2 underground artists to it... Kia Shine and Sean White. This remix retains the groundshaking original beat & melody as well as the original featured verse by Tinie Tempah. This elecronica sounding hip hop is the future, so expect to hear more & more beats with this futuristic sound to them. 

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Coming soon... QUICK HITZZZ 2012!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Move It Gangnam Style (Psy vs Reel II Real)

A new addition to the lineup.... Psy vs Reel II Real... Move It Gangnam Style. I uploaded my rendition of the Psy & MC Hammer performance at the AMA's a few days ago, but felt I needed to offer something more original since that one was influenced by another mix. So, I give you one of the highest energy mashups around!! With a fusion of this summer's biggest hit, Gangnam Style, and the club classic... I Like To Move It, this mashup can't go wrong!! If there's a crowd that wants to dance, then this hit will get them on the floor and keep them there!! The incredible beat from Gangnam Style powers this mashup with the high energy vocals from Reel II Real riding smooth on it.

Be sure to check out Move It Gangnam Style and download it!! It's free, so you've got nothing to lose because free is always good. And PLEASE be sure to share this mix and with all your family & friends and help me keep free & good mixes alive!! Thanks for your support!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gangnam Style vs 2 Legit 2 Quit (Psy vs MC Hammer)

After watching the spectacular performance at the AMA's by Psy & MC Hammer, I had to get together a mashup of Gangnam Style & 2 Legit 2 Quit. That performance was so powerful, and the blend so seamless, it was necessary to get a full version out for everyone to enjoy. So here it is!! Psy vs MC Hammer... Gangnam Style vs 2 Legit 2 Quit... geared towards pumping up that dance floor at the bar, club, house party, or bedroom you may be hanging out at with your friends. Old meets new with this one! Two of the biggest hits from their respective eras... Gangnam Style (with over 700 million views on YouTube) and 2 Legit 2 Quit (from Hammer's 1991 album Too Legit To Quit).

So go ahead!! Sample this one!! Download it!! It's all free for you to enjoy! And please share with your friends so they can enjoy this mashup, too!! Thank for your support of me, my mixes & my website...!! Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving everyone!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era)

Break Dancing!! Grafitti!! DJ'ing!! Rapping!! The B-Boy era... a time when these elements were a huge part of hip hop and electro was also a huge part of the hip hop mainstream. Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) captures the essence of hip hop in it's youth. These songs are classics to everyone who has enjoyed hip hop since it's beginnings. Artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, Shannon, Freeez, Midnight Star and many more round out the cast of this mixtape... featuring classics such as Freak-A-Zoid, Clear, I.O.U., Renegades Of Funk and many more!! Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) takes hip hop to it's roots, where so many of today's tracks still get their samples.

This is a must for anyone who still loves to kick back & listen to those old school hip hop/electro tracks. And, if you enjoyed the Breakdance megamix, you'll most certainly enjoy this mixtape!! Don't hesitate... be sure to sample and download this one!! It's all FREE!! 

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Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) mixtape

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakdance (the Megamix)

If you remember the days of graffiti, break dancing and DJ'ing, then you remember the young years of hip hop!! These were the years of break dance battles on the corners & in the clubs, which was a way the youth eliminated violence and battled in a much more productive way. Originating in New York City, break dancing can still be seen today in various choreography and in street dancing.

Breakdance (the megamix) is a collection of some of the greatest break dancing music ever... from Melle Mel & Arthur Baker to Shannon & Cybotron.  At 7 minutes long, this mix will bring back memories to all of you who remember these great years. This megamix features several tracks from the forthcoming mixtape Break! (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era)

Here's a playlist of the megamix. The video version is shorter & only goes to #17...
01. Intro (Beat Street)
02. Looking For The Perfect Beat (Afrika Bambaataa)
03. Funky Soul Makossa (Nairobi & the Awesome Foursome)
04. Renegades Of Funk (Afrika Bambaataa)
05. Breaker's Revenge (Arthur Baker)
06. Survival (Melle Mel)
07. Electricity (Midnight Star)
08. Break Dance (West Street Mob)
09. When I Hear Music (Debbie Deb)
10. Al Naa-Fiysh (The Soul) (Hashim)
11. Body Mechanic (Quadrant Six)
12. Play That Beat Mr DJ (GLOBE & Whiz Kid)
13. Let's Dance (West Street Mob)
14. My Heart's Divided (Shannon)
15. Donkey Kong (The Invisibles)
16. Planet Rock (Afrika Bambaataa)
17. Egypt Egypt (the Egyptian Lover)
18. The Roof Is On Fire (Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic 3)
19. IOU (Freeez)
20. Walking On Sunshine (Rocker's Revenge)
21. Pack Jam (Jonzun Crew)
22. Play At Your Own Risk (Planet Patrol)
23. Scorpio (The Furious 5)
24. Don't Stop The Rock (Freestyle)
25. Freak-A-Zoid (Midnight Star)
26. Numbers (Kraftwerk)
27. Fix It In The Mix (Pretty Tony)
28. Electric Kingdom (Twilight 22)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Madonna - Music (the Rabid Remix) (feat Missy Elliott, Ludacris, the Gorillaz & more)


Upbeat!! New Beat!! New Sound!! Music (the Rabid Remix) breaks all the rules and features some of the game's top artists ( Missy Elliott, Ludacris, the Gorillaz, Pitbull, Bone Thugs, Reel 2 Real & Sean Paul. The rabid remix turns Madonna's original track into somewhat of a club style & urban dance mixture with plenty of samples and breaks!! Be sure to sample and download this full single remix!! As always, the download is free and features 5 different versions... the single version, the extended version, instrumental, acapella & a semi-instrumental with hook!! You can sample all 5 versions at

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Remember That (Club Traxx)

Remember those high energy club tracks that were so popular from the late 80's right into the early 2000's? These were the songs that everyone loved. From house music to breakbeats to eurodance... it's all here on I Remember That (Club Traxx)!! With 43 of the all time hottest dance tracks of all time, I Remember That (Club Traxx) will get your house party, bar, or get together ROCKIN'!! Featuring some timeless artists such as 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, the Prodigy & more, this one will appeal to everyone!!

Be sure to sample and download this classic!! And please tell all your friends to visit to get mixes for all occasions!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oldies Megamix (from the 60's)

In an effort to bring some extreme oldies into the new millenium, I've put together an Oldies Megamix featuring some of the all time 60's greats such as the Doors, the Beatles, the Who, Sly & the Family Stone and many more!! This megamix runs 5 minutes, but in that short time you'll hear classics such as Louie Louie, Break On Through, California Dreaming, My Generation and many more!! 

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Queen - We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix)


Aimed at pumping up people for big games, fights, etc, We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix) takes one of the greatest fight songs of all time... We Will Rock You by Queen and spices it up with several samples from other songs and movies, such as Friday and Goodfellas. This one is worth the time and you may find it to be a nice addition to your ipod when working out. It's certainly hardcore.

Thanks for the support & I hope you enjoy the latest additions at!! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ice Ice Baby Got Back (Vanilla Ice vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot)

This may possibly be one of the most entertaining party mashups EVER!! Two of the biggest hits of all time, Baby Got Back , the huge international hit from Sir Mix-A-Lot meets Ice Ice Baby , another enormous hit of the 90's from the one hit wonder Vanilla Ice and simply goes bezerk!! This mashup fuses these two tracks together to entertain those party crowds that love these 2 old school classics. Ice Ice Baby Got Back may soon be one of the most downloaded & widely used tracks from ever. Be sure to sample and download this sure fire "party starter"... it's all FREE.... as ALWAYS!!

Thanks for the support & please share my links & mixes with your friends!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't Look Back (Oasis vs. 50 Cent)

Although the title is Don't Look Back, this mashup certainly DOES look back at a pair of classics! From one of hip hop's all time greatest albums, Get Rich Or Die Tryin comes 50 Cent's hit 21 Questions. Now Fuse that with an all-time great from Oasis... Don't Look Back In Anger (from the album What's The Story.. Morning Glory) and you've got one helluva mashup!! Be sure to check out the FREE download and please LIKE, TWEET & share my site...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Country Girl (Shake It Fast)... Luke Bryan vs. Mystikal

Country collides with hip hop in this full fledged shakin' mashup!! No matter what your musical preference, you'll be shakin to this musical fusion of Luke Bryan's Country Girl (Shake It For Me) and Mystikal's 2000 classic... Shake It Fast. This mashup is squeaky clean so it can be used for any occasion!

Check out the free download & be sure to get at me with any feedback via Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or email me at .

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tupac: An Immortal Legacy (the mixtape)

Tupac Amaru Shakur, very often referred to as the greatest rapper ever, brought a type of personality on to the scene that was never seen or heard before.. and probably never will be again. Tupac not only made music that was appealing to various walks of life, he was also an activist, poet, dancer and successful actor.

Much of Tupac's music addressed the inequalities & struggles of everyday life for poor people, most noteably women. His songs like Keep Ya Head Up and Brenda's Got a Baby discuss the pain & hardships of young motherhood, yet they also show that there is a way to succeeed through those hardships. He also has a song called Pain which describes young people's approach to survival in this cold world.

Along with these songs, Tupac also maintained a thug image, mostly after signing to Death Row Records. He released songs such as Ambitionz As A Ridah, 2 Of Amerika's Most Wanted and When We Ride On Our Enemies which talk about frequent conflicts with various haters.

And just when you thought you've heard it all, you hear tracks like I Get Around and How To You Want It which are all about his passion for sex & women. These songs are, basically, can be related to by everyone.

Tupac also released a barrage of diss tracks aimed primarily at NY's Bad Boy records and, most noteably, the Notorious BIG who was Bad Boy's franchise artist. The track Hit Em Up goes hard at Biggie. He also has Bomb First which basically goes at everyone who is affiliated with Bad Boy or Biggie including (but not limited to) Mobb Deep, Nas & Jay-Z.

This mixtape shows the wide range of music styles that Tupac was capable of releasing. The uplifting tracks. The sex tracks. The thug tracks. They are all here in some form. There are also several tracks placed over other beats, giving Tupac a different feel for those given songs. The tribute is finalized with various sound bytes taken throughout Tupac's career. This mixtape is NOT about Tupac's death, but rather a celebration of his life & a magical career cut short.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thugs Get Lonely Too (b/w) Stan (Tupac vs. Eminem)

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One of the blends from my upcoming mixtape Tupac: An Immortal Legacy combines the vocals from Tupac's Thugs Get Lonely Too (from the 2004 album Loyal To The Game) with Eminem's 2000 track Stan (from the album The Marshall Mathers LP). And just like Stan, this blend features the beautiful vocals of Dido from her song Thank You, available on her 1999 debut album No Angel. This blend offers a more mellow feel to one of Tupac's post-death tracks.

Check out the free download & be sure to get at me with any feedback via Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or email me at . Thanks to everyone for your support!! The new mixtape... Tupac: An Immortal Legacy is due out within the next week!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Remember That (hip hop edition)

In memory of some of the great years of hip hop past, I bring you I Remember That (hip hop edition). This is a mix that is sure to bring back memories of the hip hop from the early 90's to the early 2000's. Featuring many great artists, such as Luniz, NWA, the DOC, Public Enemy & more, I Remember That (hip hop edition) is a simple, non stop mix of music designed to bring back memories!! 

~~ download I Remember That (hip hop edition) ~~

The early 90's is referred to by many as the "golden age" of hip hop. It was a decade in which Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Warren G brought us the G-Funk sound from the west coast. It was also the decade that introduced us to one of hip hop's greatest acts... the Wu-Tang Clan... representing New York City. We also will remember other greats such as Gang Starr (RIP Guru), Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman, Goodie Mob, Cypress Hill & many more!! With the diversity of hip hop sounds during this era, it's easy to see why hip hop became such a popular & influential genre.

For the first few years of the new millenium, that "golden age" sound carried over, before becoming watered down by the industry. DMX & Busta Rhymes were a few that kept the originality of hip hop alive over the millenium border. And although DMX has had many legal issues over the past several years, he is still very relevant to the genre. And Busta Rhymes continues to put out hits, even at 40 years old.

So, as you can see, I Remember That (hip hop edition), is a great addition to any mixtape collection. So sit back, relax & enjoy the memories it brings!!  Thanks for your support and be sure to visit for more mixtapes, remixes, mashups, etc.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M (Rabid Remix) (feat. Tupac, DMX & Akon)

A true classic track from a true classic group... C.R.E.A.M. from one of hip hop's powerhouse groups, the Wu-Tang Clan, is not only a classic, but a pioneering sound from the 90's. In the era of G-Funk & the west coast "gangsta" sound, the Staten Island based Wu-Tang Clan brought a hard edge east coast sound to the scene that is still alive today!! From their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (the 36 Chambers), C.R.E.A.M. was possibly the biggest hit off that album.

The Rabid Remix of this great song features hard edged verses from the late great Tupac Shakur & Yonkers own DMX. Along with Akon, this remix goes H.A.M. so be sure to check out the free download. 

Want more original sounding remixes & mashups?? Be sure to visit & "Like" Thanks for your support.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tupac Shakur - An Immortal Legacy

In the 16 years that have passed since the tragic death of Tupac Amaru Shakur, the world has changed a lot. However the topics discussed in much of Tupac's music remains very relevant, and in many cases, even more intense than in the days which he wrote the lyrics.

Tupac changed not only the face of music, but of thinking. Tupac opened people's minds and reminded them that they must be true to themselves & stand up for what counts, regardless of the outcome.

Tupac's songs such as Keep Ya Head Up, Brenda's Got A Baby and Dear Mama showed his softer side, in touch with the struggles of single mothers. While his harder songs, such as Ambitionz As A Ridah, If My Homie Calls and When We Ride On Our Enemies, show the reality of survival in this cold world.

Tupac is a man who inspired many people (myself included) and his music will live on throughout the years to come. As long as hip hop is being heard, Tupac's music & message will also continue to be heard. And his lyrics will continue to open the minds of young, poor & oppressed. His voice is now our voice and will continue to echo through the walls of time.

So, in memory of not only one of the greatest rappers, but one of the greatest modern-day poets & political activists, I am producing a mixtape dedicated to Tupac's legacy. This mixtape will not only feature some of his greatest releases, but will also combine news clips & interviews along with some mixes to showcase his music as well as his message. So stay tuned to & witness the release of a classic, which will be released at some point this summer.

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971 - 1996)

"I won't change the world. But I guarantee I will spark the mind that does change the world"  - Tupac

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Heat 2012 (the Mixtape)

The official release of Summer Heat 2012 is here! And it is complete with some of the hottest tracks for the summer. Summer Heat 2012 contains some of the hottest artists out right now, such as Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & T.I. as well as some great new artists such as Hopsin, Machine Gun Kelly, Cracc, & more!! As always, the full mixtape is packed with non-stop music & great samples, flowing straight from beginning to end and encoded at a high quality 192 kb/sec. This year's edition also comes with 2 versions... one designed to be burned to cd (with a length of 79 minutes) and one for use in an ipod or other mp3 player (with a length of 100 minutes & 9 bonus tracks). Feel free to sample the entire mixtape online and download either or both copies for your computer, ipod or cd player.

The 2012 edition of Summer Heat is coming strong with with both popular, established artists (such as Nicki Minaj, T.I. & DMX) as well as new artists who are also bringing the heat (such as Hopsin, Machine Gun Kelly, Cracc & Mac Miller). Summer Heat 2012 also comes in 2 versions... the cd version (which was recorded specifically to be burned to disc at 79 minutes long) and the ipod version (which is almost 100 minutes in length & contains 9 bonus tracks).

Summer Heat 2012 brings out a few songs that have already gone mainstream, such as Starships by Nicki Minaj & So Good by B.o.B. There are also some ppular cuts with a twist including Chris Brown's Turn Up The Music featuring a verse by Drake as well as Rihanna's Birthday Cake featuring a verse from Busta Rhymes. There are also many more tracks from mainstream artists such as Melanie Fiona, T.I., Wacka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, DMX & more!!

The underground flava of Summer Heat 2012 brings out some great new talent. Hopsin (who was in an episode of That's So Raven in 2002) is probably one of the hottest new artists out, making his name through the use of various uplouaded videos to YouTube. Cleveland's own Machine Gun Kelly has recently gained moderate popularity with his release of Wild Boy featuring Wacka Flocka Flame. He has since recorded tracks with DMX & Cassie. Atlanta's newest artist on the table is Future, who has several new tracks out now & has been recognized (along with Hopsin & MGK) as one of 2012's top freshman artists.

So be sure to sample & download the version of Summer Heat 2012 that best fits your needs, either the ipod version or the cd version. Both are recorded at a cd quality 192 kb/min & will sound great on headphones or big systems. 

Thanks, everyone for your support!! I hope this year's edition of Summer Heat meets and exceeds all expectations & remains in your cd deck or ipod well into late summer & early fall!! Be sure to drop me any feedback here or at!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Unk - Wiggle (Rabid Remix)


Originally released in 2011, DJ Unk 's track Wiggle follows along the same recipe as the Atlanta artist's previous hits ( Walk It Out , 2 Step & Show Out ) with a hyped up sound & repetitive choruses aimed at getting some bootys shakin. My latest remix, the rabid remix of Wiggle uses that same recipe with a little help from 2 of hip hop's most popular "hype men"... NY's own Fat Man Scoop and fellow Atlanta icon Lil Jon . The 80's sample from David Bowie 's Let's Dance (from the 1983 album Let's Dance ) completes this 2012 sample-heavy remix project! 

You can download the Wiggle mp3 above or by right-clicking here. You can also download the full remix single, which includes both clean & dirty versions, clean & dirty acapellas & the instrumental. The full single is also available above or download here.

~~ Hope everyone enjoys this new remix addition ~~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Found Love (Now) ... Rihanna vs. Heavy D

Today, I offer a mashup of the (ever so popular) We Found Love by Rihanna (from her 2011 album... Talk That Talk ) fused with one of my favorites... Now That We Found Love by Heavy D & the Boyz (from the 1991 album ... Peaceful Journey. This mashup is primarily based on Rihanna's portion, but has some nice additions and effects from the Heavy D track. Be sure to check it out!! It's a great alternative version for any parties or other gatherings.

Thanks for your support of

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy Love (Valentine Mix) (Ne-Yo feat Marvin Gaye, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, & Beyonce)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope all you lovers, married couples, boyfriends, & girlfriends have a wonderful day today!! I'd like to take this time to share with everyone my dedication to my soul mate, my lover, my life.... Heather. Happy Valentine's Day, Heather. This remix of Sexy Love is dedicated to you, in honor of the song that's been ours for over 5 years now. I hope you enjoy it. I love you with all my heart & soul.

For all my fans, I also hope you all enjoy this great Ne-Yo song, which the original version appears on Ne-Yo's 2006 album In My Own Words. I am sharing it with everyone, but it is only here because of my baby... whom I took the time to put it together for. It is also a tribute to one of the greatest of all time... Marvin Gaye... whose life was cut way too short. His music was inspiring to everyone who ever listened. I've also included a bit of a hip hop edge to this one, featuring Ja Rule (one of Heather's favorites) & Jay-Z.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pitbull vs. Nocera (Bojangles / Summertime)

Here's a new mashup guaranteed to appeal to all of you freestyle music lovers as well as hip hop fans. This is a fusion of the classic freestyle jam... Summertime by Nocera with a couple of tracks
( Bojangles & Ay Chico ) from the great Cuban artist Pitbull .

This mashup has a great latin flava to it & should be enjoyable by people of many ages... from teens to 30's. Please listen & share if you enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for your support of Coming soon... a valentine remix!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let The Music Play (28th Anniversary Hip Hop Mix)

Sometimes I start a mix or remix & then trash it because I'm not satisfied with it. However, I've learned over the years that just because I don't like it, doesn't mean many other people won't. That being said, I stuck this one out & decided to add it to the collection in hopes that someone may enjoy this alternate version of a classic song... Let The Music Play by Shannon.

This remix has the original vocals with some of the original melody as well. However, it has been dropped over a popular, slightly revised, hip hop beat from about 10 years ago. Check it out & be sure to download it if you enjoyed it!!

Thank you everyone, for your support. I'm hoping to bring you some great, memorable mixes for the "last year on earth" (haha)... 2012. So I'll try to get em all out before December 21st.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Diamond Dog's Mixes from the past year!!

The year 2011 brought several mixes, mashups, remixes & mixtapes from DJ Diamond Dog. For your convenience, here's a condensed list with everything from the past year!!

  1. Self Esteem (Rabid Slapmix) (The Offspring feat. Fred Durst)
  2. Clay Matthews Hits HARD (video clip)
  3. Pretty Fly (Rabid Dance Mix) (the Offspring)
  4. Lose It (Charli Baltimore feat. Snoop & T-Pain)
  5. Black & Yellow (Wiz Khalifa feat. Juicy J)
  6. Old School Jamz (mix)
  7. Summer Heat 2011 (mixtape)
  8. Uh Oh (Rabid Remix) (Mystikal)
  9. Renegades vs. Y Ata A Yoyo (mashup)
  10. Butterfly (Rabid Remix) (Crazy Town)
  11. Heaven/On Earth vs. Calle Ocho (mashup)
  12. Concentrate vs. Genius Of Love (mashup)
  13. Party Rock Anthem (Rabid Remix) (LMFAO feat. Pitbull)
  14. Party Rock Anthem (Rabid Remix) (video)
  15. Get This Party Started vs. Little Bad Girl (mashup)
  16. Throwback Homestead Jamz (mix)
  17. Fast Lane (Rabid X-tended) (Bad Meets Evil)
  18. Chaos (A Smorgasbord Of Music) (mix)
  19. Slap My Beat Up (DJ Diamond Dog)
  20. Damn (No Problem Remix) (Youngbloodz feat. Lil Scrappy)
  21. Ageless (the megamix)
  22. Breathe vs. Breathe (mashup)
  23. What's The Difference vs. Breathe (mashup)
  24. Rock Megamix (mix)
  25. Quick Hitzzz 2011 (mixtape)
  26. New Year's Megamix 2011 (mix)

These are just my releases from 2011!! So be sure to check out my full website for all my other releases!! Thanks so much to everyone for your support through the past year & years before!! And please share my links with your friends, too!! Wishing everyone a happy 2012. More mixes coming soon!!