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Friday, November 23, 2012

Move It Gangnam Style (Psy vs Reel II Real)

A new addition to the lineup.... Psy vs Reel II Real... Move It Gangnam Style. I uploaded my rendition of the Psy & MC Hammer performance at the AMA's a few days ago, but felt I needed to offer something more original since that one was influenced by another mix. So, I give you one of the highest energy mashups around!! With a fusion of this summer's biggest hit, Gangnam Style, and the club classic... I Like To Move It, this mashup can't go wrong!! If there's a crowd that wants to dance, then this hit will get them on the floor and keep them there!! The incredible beat from Gangnam Style powers this mashup with the high energy vocals from Reel II Real riding smooth on it.

Be sure to check out Move It Gangnam Style and download it!! It's free, so you've got nothing to lose because free is always good. And PLEASE be sure to share this mix and with all your family & friends and help me keep free & good mixes alive!! Thanks for your support!!

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