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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tupac: An Immortal Legacy (the mixtape)

Tupac Amaru Shakur, very often referred to as the greatest rapper ever, brought a type of personality on to the scene that was never seen or heard before.. and probably never will be again. Tupac not only made music that was appealing to various walks of life, he was also an activist, poet, dancer and successful actor.

Much of Tupac's music addressed the inequalities & struggles of everyday life for poor people, most noteably women. His songs like Keep Ya Head Up and Brenda's Got a Baby discuss the pain & hardships of young motherhood, yet they also show that there is a way to succeeed through those hardships. He also has a song called Pain which describes young people's approach to survival in this cold world.

Along with these songs, Tupac also maintained a thug image, mostly after signing to Death Row Records. He released songs such as Ambitionz As A Ridah, 2 Of Amerika's Most Wanted and When We Ride On Our Enemies which talk about frequent conflicts with various haters.

And just when you thought you've heard it all, you hear tracks like I Get Around and How To You Want It which are all about his passion for sex & women. These songs are, basically, can be related to by everyone.

Tupac also released a barrage of diss tracks aimed primarily at NY's Bad Boy records and, most noteably, the Notorious BIG who was Bad Boy's franchise artist. The track Hit Em Up goes hard at Biggie. He also has Bomb First which basically goes at everyone who is affiliated with Bad Boy or Biggie including (but not limited to) Mobb Deep, Nas & Jay-Z.

This mixtape shows the wide range of music styles that Tupac was capable of releasing. The uplifting tracks. The sex tracks. The thug tracks. They are all here in some form. There are also several tracks placed over other beats, giving Tupac a different feel for those given songs. The tribute is finalized with various sound bytes taken throughout Tupac's career. This mixtape is NOT about Tupac's death, but rather a celebration of his life & a magical career cut short.

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