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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakdance (the Megamix)

If you remember the days of graffiti, break dancing and DJ'ing, then you remember the young years of hip hop!! These were the years of break dance battles on the corners & in the clubs, which was a way the youth eliminated violence and battled in a much more productive way. Originating in New York City, break dancing can still be seen today in various choreography and in street dancing.

Breakdance (the megamix) is a collection of some of the greatest break dancing music ever... from Melle Mel & Arthur Baker to Shannon & Cybotron.  At 7 minutes long, this mix will bring back memories to all of you who remember these great years. This megamix features several tracks from the forthcoming mixtape Break! (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era)

Here's a playlist of the megamix. The video version is shorter & only goes to #17...
01. Intro (Beat Street)
02. Looking For The Perfect Beat (Afrika Bambaataa)
03. Funky Soul Makossa (Nairobi & the Awesome Foursome)
04. Renegades Of Funk (Afrika Bambaataa)
05. Breaker's Revenge (Arthur Baker)
06. Survival (Melle Mel)
07. Electricity (Midnight Star)
08. Break Dance (West Street Mob)
09. When I Hear Music (Debbie Deb)
10. Al Naa-Fiysh (The Soul) (Hashim)
11. Body Mechanic (Quadrant Six)
12. Play That Beat Mr DJ (GLOBE & Whiz Kid)
13. Let's Dance (West Street Mob)
14. My Heart's Divided (Shannon)
15. Donkey Kong (The Invisibles)
16. Planet Rock (Afrika Bambaataa)
17. Egypt Egypt (the Egyptian Lover)
18. The Roof Is On Fire (Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic 3)
19. IOU (Freeez)
20. Walking On Sunshine (Rocker's Revenge)
21. Pack Jam (Jonzun Crew)
22. Play At Your Own Risk (Planet Patrol)
23. Scorpio (The Furious 5)
24. Don't Stop The Rock (Freestyle)
25. Freak-A-Zoid (Midnight Star)
26. Numbers (Kraftwerk)
27. Fix It In The Mix (Pretty Tony)
28. Electric Kingdom (Twilight 22)

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