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Monday, August 30, 2010

Throwback Video Mix

The latest addition to is the Throwback Video Mix which features some great hip hop artists from the past, such as Run DMC ,
D-Nice , Naughty by Nature & many many more!! This short 10 minute mix is guaranteed to bring back memories for all you old-school lovers. Even if you're not into all the classic hip hop, you should listen to this mix because many of these artists set the stage for the popular young guys now!

  1. Down With The King (Run DMC)
  2. California Love (Tupac feat. Dr. Dre)
  3. Call ME D-Nice (D-Nice)
  4. Real Love (Mary J. Blige)
  5. OPP (Naughty By Nature)
  6. King Of Rock (Run DMC)
  7. They Want EFX (Das EFX)
  8. Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (Dr. Dre)
  9. I Get Around (Tupac feat. Digital Underground)
  10. Hip Hop Hooray (Naughty By Nature)
  11. Ditty (Paperboy)
  12. The Choice Is Yours (Black Sheep)
  13. The Gas Face (3rd Bass)
  14. Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill)
  15. Rump Shaker (Wreckx-N-Effect)
  16. Jump Around (House Of Pain)
  17. Jump (Kris Kross)
  18. Bassline (Mantronix)
  19. I'm The Magnificent (Special Ed)
  20. Straight Outta Compton (NWA)

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