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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Linkn Park - The Platinum Band Mixtape

It's here!! Yet another new style of mixtape. You've already been hit with the classic Rock vs. Rap & Rock vs. Rap (round 2), which each incorporated both hip hop & rock together in one mixtape. Now, get ready for the first all rock mixtape... featuring Linkin Park's greatest hits... all mixed and remixed for your listening pleasure. This Linkin Park  mixtape is entitled "the Platinum Band Mixtape".

01. Papercut (Rabid Remix feat. Rasco & Planet Asia)
02. Interlude (Go DJ)
03. Lying From You (feat. Jay-Z)
04. Somewhere I Belong (feat. Notorious BIG)
05. Waiting For The End
06. Wretches & Kings (feat. Chuck D)
07. Points Of Authority (feat. Jay-Z)
08. One Step Closer
09. With You (feat. Busta Rhymes & Aceyalone)
10. Given Up (feat. Redman)
11. Interlude (Admition To The Old School)
12. Pushing Me Away
13. Crawling
14. In The End (feat. Motion Man)
15. Numb (feat. Eminem & Jay-Z)
16. Runaway (feat. Phoenix Orion)
17. The New Divide (feat. Missy Elliott)
18. What I've Done
19. Interlude (The Catalyst)
20. A Place For My Head
21. Faint (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
22. Bleed It Out
23. The Catalyst

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