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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Struggle (feat. Tupac, Biggie & the Wu-Tang Clan)


The Hall of Famers is a star-studded lineup of rappers who are all dedicated to a common cause... sharing the seriousness of the hardships in the inner city. The lineup consists of east coast icon Notorious BIG, Staten Island's infamous Wu-Tang Clan & the west coast king Tupac Shakur. The Struggle is a blend of lyrics from these 3 icons over a classic beat from Mobb Deep... Shook Ones. The lyrics from The Struggle are devoted to the hardships, pain and temptations associated with growing up in the ghettos around the U.S. Anyone who has lived it will appreciate where The Struggle is coming from.  

This is REAL HIP HOP with a classic beat and pure lyrics with something to say, so be sure to sample The Struggle and download it for your ipod, cd or tablet. Stay tuned to for Summer Heat 2013, where you will also find The Struggle featured. Thanks for the support.

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