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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't Wake Me Up (Chris Brown vs Avicii)


A high energy dance sound is what you get when you play Don't Wake Me Up... a fusion of Chris Brown's 2012 single, Don't Wake Me Up, from the album Fortune and Avicii's smash hit in 2013, Wake Me Up, from the album True. Both songs contain a high energy sound which is multiplied when they are fused together. Chris Brown's original Don't Wake Me Up was produced bt DJ extrordinare... David Guetta, while Wake Me Up was produced by Avicii. Don't Wake Me Up can be used as an alternate version to either song and is sure to get any high energy EDM fans dancing!!

You can sample Don't Wake Me Up for free right at You can also access the free download. No waiting. No 3rd party websites. Just click and download. Isn't that what we all want online?? Just a simple one or 2 clicks for access to a free download with no waiting? Please be sure to share on your facebook, Twitter or any other social media pages you may have... and help spread the free mixes to everyone!!

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