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Friday, January 23, 2015

Village People - YMCA (rabid dance mix)

One of the most popular dance songs ever recorded, the YMCA was (and still is) a huge hit at many different venues. Whether at the bar, a wedding or a school dance, you can still hear this classic from the village people being played (and danced to) over 30 years after it's original recording. Originating from the 1978 album Cruisin', audiences of all ages still hit the dance floor to do the YMCA dance.

There are 2 versions of the rabid remix available. There is a version geared towards audiences of all ages  and there is the controversial version. The controversial version has several sexual overtones included in the final mix, making it more acceptable for adult audiences. You can download both versions for free at Also, I've included no drops whatsoever in either of these remixes, so they can be used freely by all DJ's who would like to switch up from the normal version. 

Thanks for your continued support. There will be many more mixes on the way!! 

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