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Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Years of Mix Domination (Witness the Strength.... 2004-2014)

10 Years of Mix Domination (Witness the Strength....  2004-2014)
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Download: part 1 | part 2 (dual cd's)

A completely new form of mixtape is officially being released today. The mixtape 10 Years of Mix Domination is a long play (2 cd) length mixtape featuring some of the best and most original productions, mixes, mashups and remixes that have been released by DJ Diamond Dog over the past 10 years.

In 2004, DJ Diamond Dog entered into a new endeavor... software remixing. It was a completely new frontier for him at the time, after spending the better part of 20 years as a purely vinyl DJ. Over the past decade, however, he evolved his raw style into the new digital era. The result? Well, the result is what you hear at Unparalleled remixes & mashups, tight strung megamixes, and unique sounding original productions are the final product of hours spent each day intensively practicing and learning the new software available.

All that work over the course of a decade lead to the release of 10 Years of Mix Domination. The downloads are featured as a single, long play mix or 2 separate cd length mixes, appropriately labeled part 1 and part 2 ( view the track listing at the bottom of the page). You can stream the full mixtape to your pc via flash player or directly to your tablet/mobile device.

Full Track Listing...
01. Intro
02. One Step Closer Hip Hop Mix) (Linkin Park feat. Gorilla Zoe & Fred Durst)
03. Back IN Black (Hip Hop Mix) (AC/DC)
04. In Da Club (Rabid Remix) (50 Cent feat. Chris Rock)
05. Interlude (Live From the 3-1-5)
06. New York (Da Anthem) (New York's Finest)
07. Soul Survivor (Rabid Remix) (Young Jeezy feat. Tupac & Notorious BIG)
08. Banger (Rabid Mix) (Jade Foxx)
09. 315 Slide (Rabid Mix) (Drizzy)
10. Bus Down (Willo Tha Wiz) (produced by Diamond Dog)
11. Go DJ (Diamond Dog)
12. Oops! I Played You Again (Britney Spears vs. David Banner)
13. Wiggle (Rabid Remix) (Unk feat. Lil Jon & Fat Man Scoop)
14. Freak-A-Leek (Superstitious Remix) (Petey Pablo ft. M.Elliott & D.Banner)
15. I Want Just A Lil Bitta Sex (George Michael vs. 50 Cent)
16. Stayin' Alive (Rabid Remix) (Bee Gees ft. Lil Jon, Fat Man Scoop & C.Tucker)
17. Interlude (Are You Done Mixing?)
18. Boogie Man (2K8 Rabid Remix) (KC & the Sunshine Band feat. Jay-Z)
19. The Groove Line (Rabid Remix) (Heatwave feat. the Clipse)
20. Oldies Megamix (from the 60's & 70's)
21. Interlude (I Always Wanted To Be A DJ)
22. You Shook Me All Night Long (Get Up 'N Dance Mix) (AC/DC)
23. Oh (Rabid Electromix) (Ciara feat. Ludacris & Omarion)
24. Animal Selfie (Martin Garrix vs. the Chainsmokers)
25. Hustlin' (Rabid Electromix) (Rick Ross)
26. Blurred Fox (Ylvis vs. Robin Thicke)
27. Ice Ice Baby Got Back (Vanilla Ice vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot)
28. Lick It (Short Dick Man) (20 Fingers feat. Gillette)
29. Fergalicious Firecracker (Fergie vs. Mass Production)
30. Down Wit Da Damn Sickness (Disturbed vs. YoungBloodZ)
31. Interlude (Ruff Radio feat the Ruff Ryders)
32. Move Bitch (Rabid Reggaeton Mix) (Ludacris feat. Mystikal)
33. New York (pt 2) (New York's Finest)
34. Ruff Ryder's Anthem (DMX feat. 50 Cent, Tupac & Notorious BIG)
35. Shorty Wanna Ride (Rabid ABC Remix) (Young Buck feat. 50 Cent)
36. Back In Da Club (50 Cent feat. W.Smith, Hurricane Chris, Biggie & more)
37. Interlude (Cassius Clay Rap and Hip Hop Beginnings)
38. Get Silly (Rabid Throwback Mix) (VIC)
39. Pretty Fly For A White Guy (Rabid Dance Mix) (the Offspring)
40. Feel Good Inc (Rabid Mix) (the Gorillaz feat. De La Soul & Ludacris)
41. Move It Gangnam Style (Reel II Real vs. PSY)
42. Feeling Good (Diamond Dog feat. Etta James, C.Aguilera, Ludacris, & more)
43. Interlude (Don't Touch My Radio)
44. Ageless Megamix
45. Uh Oh (Rabid R Rated Remix) (Mystikal)
46. Bangin' Body (Rabid Freak Mix) (TREAL)
47. Don't Shoot Me Down (Rabid Remix) (Lyrikill)
48. Sexual Healing (D-Dog & C-Los 2K6 Remix) (M.Gaye feat. Ludacris & Yaviah)
49. Let's Get It On (Rabid Hip Hop Mix) (Marvin Gaye feat Notorious BIG)
50. Sexy Love (Valentine Mix) (Ne-Yo feat. Marvin Gaye & Ja Rule)

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