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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Final Round (Tupac vs Biggie)

The debate has been going on for 20 years now. Who was the better hip hop artist? Tupac? Biggie? Well, even though that debate will carry on through future decades as well, The Final Round will take a different approach at defining these 2 hip hop icons. This mixtape is not geared towards placing one above the other, but to give us all a peek at how hip hop could've sounded had these 2 worked together as opposed to against one another. The Final Round takes some of the greatest hip hop tracks from both Tupac and Biggie and makes them duets. With tracks such as California Love and I Get around featuring Biggie, these tracks take on a whole different feel. The same thing goes for tracks such as Hypnotize and Big Poppa. By featuring Tupac as a friend instead of a nemesis, these tracks are clearly very different.

This will probably be my final mixtape of the 2015 year, so be sure to grab it up. You can sample it here or at and you can also download the mixtape. With 18 tracks on board, you will be sure to get a different perspective of these 2 classic 90's emcees. Without the hate, there's no telling how many boundaries these icons would've destroyed. Thanks for the support!! And I hope everyone enjoys this latest addition to the mixtape library!!

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