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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Linkin Park - Wretches & Kings (feat Chuck D)

This was originally remixed in 2010 and featured on the Platinum Band mixtape. Wretches & Kings is already a high-powered political track in it's original form. However, it takes a whole new level once Chuck D drops lyrics on it. The entire track is a powerful, conscious, political track, and speaks against the injustices of a corrupt government. Injustices that have been present for centuries. If you like conscious music, then this one is great for you.

You can stream Wretches & Kings (rabid mix) video above and you can also download it here. If you enjoy it, please view & share it via my YouTube link. There can never be too many ears to listen to a consciously political track, especially at a time when politics appears to rule everything.

Thanks for your support. And please, research and question EVERYTHING... especially before you vote this year.

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