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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sexual Healing Fix (Marvin Gaye vs Nelly vs Max-A-Million)

Today, I am featuring 3 chartbusters from 3 different eras all rolled up into one mashup. In the 80's, Sexual Healing was first put out by Marvin Gaye and it was a smash hit that still resonates today. In the 90's, Max-A-Million remade this classic and added some reggae & house flavor to it. The end result? Another smash hit. In 2015, Nelly & Jeremih did a song that features the timeless words from the hooks of these 2 songs... baaaaaaby... the Fix. Yet again... another smash hit. The end result is approximately a 35 year time span and 3 smash hits utilizing either the same or very similar hooks.

So, what better way to celebrate these 3 classics than to put out a mashup featuring all 3 of these songs, fused together as one. You can dance to it or you can grind to it. This is the mashup that extends to both high energy and mellow crowds. So get on board and check out Sexual Healing Fix (Marvin Gaye vs. Nelly vs. Max-A-Million). You can also download this mashup for your own personal use. It is untagged, so it will be very useful for the DJ's.

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