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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ja Rule - Body (rabid remix)

In 2007, Ja Rule released the single Body to poor chart reviews. The original version featured Ashley Joi in the chorus. The original version appeared on Ja Rule's 2009 mixtape, The Mirror, which was actually originally slated to be released as a studio album in 2007. The song Body was allegedly written by Ja Rule while in a club watching some women dancing.

The rabid remix of Body takes all of the original vocals and combines them with a new beat along with a high energy classic rock sample. If you've ever heard She's A Beauty by the Tubes, then you're sure to recognize the sample that is present throughout the song. Since this is probably my last release for 2016, I've made this remix completely untagged, meaning there are no "DJ Diamond Dog" samples anywhere. There are also 5 versions... a regular clean and explicit, an 8 bar extended clean and explicit and an instrumental.

This is the grand finale to 2016 for me, so please take a minute to sample Body (rabid remix) by Ja Rule. Also, you can download it for your personal music collection as well. Thanks for all the support and patience this year. Here's to a new and improved 2017!!

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