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Monday, March 13, 2017

Don't Stop Losing Control

In 1981, an iconic song that's stood the test of time for over 35 years was released, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. Known as one of Journey's signature tunes, Don't Stop Believin' still gets played to this day at many events as well as on the radio

Fast Forward 24 years. Lose Control is released by Missy Elliott and actually charts higher than Don't Stop Believin' did in 1981. Missy's addictive electro sound in this track makes everyone want to dance!

The fusion of these 2 songs creates something unparalleled. Combining that iconic piano melody from Journey with the upbeat electro beat from Missy makes for one hell of a mashup. Don't Stop Losing Control can be streamed right here or at and also downloaded (for free) as well. The download link includes both a dirty and a clean version of this new age classic.

Be sure to stay tuned to for more great releases!!

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