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Monday, April 16, 2018

Look Alive Shuffle (Drake vs Cupid)

Look Alive bursted on to the scene in 2018, straight into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, where it sat for 8 weeks (and still counting). Toronto rapper Drake highlights the hook on this instant hip hop gem, making it a platinum hit from the jump. Next up... Cupid. Who DOESN'T know the Cupid Shuffle? Answer: No one. Dropping in 2007, the Cupid Shuffle (surprisingly) failed to reach the top 10 (hitting #66 on the Hot 100), but has since become a staple at virtually any event that includes dancing. From bars to clubs to proms to weddings, you are all but guaranteed to hear the Cupid Shuffle at some point.

Although the sounds of these 2 songs are very different, they still flow together nicely. Starting with the hard edge street sound of Look Alive and seamlessly flowing into the upbeat Cupid Shuffle, the Look Alive Shuffle brings that energy for all the party goers. You can stream the dirty version above or at You can also download both the clean and dirty versions here.

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