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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Shake (Pitbull vs the Jacksons)


In honor of the big day... Superbowl Sunday... which is basically a holiday at my house, I bring you Superbowl Shake, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Superbowl, but is named this way  because I am bringing it to you on... that's right.. Superbowl Sunday. This one is a mashup combining the old... the Jacksons - Shake Your Body Down (To The Ground) (from their 1978 album Destiny) with the  new(er)... Pitbull - Shake (from the Ying Yang Twins' 2005 album United State Of Atlanta). This is a great mashup for both old & young & will be great to help get the party started both before the 49ers & Ravens face off and after it's all over. Be sure to sample Superbowl Shake and download it for your cd and/or  ipod... it's all free!

I hope everyone enjoys this new mashup and I also hope everyone enjoys the big game.  Who you pullin' for? My team's Green Bay so I'm just watching for the enjoyment this year. Thanks for your supportof!

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