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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix)

 Possibly one of the most comical songs from one of the most controversial artists of the 2000's.... The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) is a remix to the 2000 classic from Eminem... The Real Slim Shady (from the album The Marshall Mathers LP. In his earlier career, Eminem's music was humorous, touchy, and pushed the envelope. This song was no exception to that recipe which gained him national stardom with the help of Dr Dre. Laced with a new beat and a sample from the smash hit by Los Del Rio, Macarena, The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) is no disappointment to those searching for an alternate version to this song. Complete with NO TAGS (that's right... NO tags), The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) comes complete with a main (edited) version, an instrumental and a full single download.

So take a minute to sample The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix), download it and stop by my Facebook or Twitter pages and shoot me some feedback on it. Your support of is genuinely respected and appreciated since 2005!! 

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