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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Diamond Dog Re-Edit)

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 Completely re-edited from the ground up, Smack My Bitch Up (Diamond Dog Re-Edit) uses absolutely nothing from the original track. Although the re-edit sounds very close (in sound) to the original, each piece was added individually... from the bassline to the vocals to the kickdrum. The original, as well as the re-edit, contains numerous samples from artists such as Kool & the Gang, Randy Weston & the Ultramagnetic MC's. The original version of Smack My Bitch Up can be found on the Prodigy's 1997 smash album The Fat Of The Land. The original video is extremely controversial and was banned from many TV stations. Due to the controversial material in the video, Wal Mart & K-Mart discontinued sales of The Fat of the Land.

The re-edit features a revised bassline and also a revised acid sound to the main chorus. This is my first attempt to try to improve my producing so I tried to keep it familiar with subtle changes. Be sure to sample the re-edit of Smack My Bitch Up and download it for free.

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