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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix)

A Boy Named Sue was made popular by Johnny Cash in a live performance at California's San Quentin prison in 1969. The song emerged from a poem written by Shel Silverstein. The original version appears on Cash's At San Quenton album. The original version sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #2 for 3 weeks in 1969, being held down by the Rolling Stones' Honky Tonk Women.

A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix) adds a little new wave technology to a classic song... a solid, pounding breakbeat percussion, classic scratching, and a mini-mix in the middle make this remix entertaining, and danceable in the new millenium. It is completely reworked from the original recording and is also unedited, although the unedited version only contains the word "bitch" a few times near the end.

So, be sure to take a minute to sample A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix) and download it for your ipod, ipad, zune or whatever other mp3 player you may be using. Thanks for your strong support!!

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