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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nicki Minaj - Yasss Bish (rabid remix)

Yasss Bish is a big hit in the hip hop community in 2014. The original features verses by Nicki Minaj & a chorus of "Yasss Bish" repeated by Atlanta based rapper Soulja Boy for 8 bars. Although the original track has a slower tempo & heavy bass sound, Yass Bish (rabid remix) is upbeat... featuring samples from Rihanna's S&M along with Michael Jackson's all-time classic Billie Jean. The remix also features a verse from Lil Wayne along with vocals from Drake as well.

You can sample the Yasss Bish (rabid remix) at You can also download it for use in your ipod, computer, or dj music collection. The downloaded ZIP file includes both a clean and a dirty version. To the DJ's, it is also set up with my dj drops at the very beginning and end (not in the middle) making it much easier to play at a venue.

I hope everyone enjoys this latest addition to the Diamond Dog collection and remember...

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