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Monday, June 5, 2017

Lil Jon - Get Low (Dessert Remix)

This one is pretty self explanatory. Get Low by Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz, from the album Kings of Crunk (2002), is a timeless track for any spot that is spinning dance/ booty shaking music period. Everyone knows this track and can recite the lyrics "To the window, to the wall...!" Dawin's Dessert experienced mild success in 2015 with another set of memorable lyrics "what'cha gonna, what'cha gonna do with that dessert?" 

These 2 combined just give Get Low a whole new flavor. You can stream this one to your pc (in either clean or dirty versions) at so you can get a nice taste for the sound. I have also put together a video for the remix that you can view above. If you like this track & want to add it to your library, you can access the free, instant download here. Also, for all my fellow DJ's out there, this download comes complete with clean & dirty versions with 8 bar intros & outros that are completely untagged. 

Thanks to everyone for your support. I will have more uploads soon! 

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