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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunshine Skateway Reunion Mix

Sunshine Skateway... Homestead, Florida!! This was my stomping ground as a youth. And from the 70's into the late 80's (when it was changed over into an ice skating arena) this was where everybody who was anybody went. Roller skating was huge at the time, but there was also dancing off to the corner behind the cement wall. I was one of the skaters at the time. And, as many others will remember, we rolled the floor in packs... breaking apart when coming up on slower skaters... only to regroup on the other side. There were SO MANY people that I grew up with and still remain friends with to this day. I won't even mention any names because I fear I may miss someone, but my Sunshine Skateway peeps all know who they are because they all hung out at the same place!!

This mix was made for a 25 year reunion of the folks I came of age with at the place I called my 2nd home. The big sounds for roller skating are present in this mix, which would primarily include electro, freestyle, miami bass, disco, funk and some dance-pop. This was what we rolled to and I am happy to share this mix with everyone now that our reunion has passed. This is a far cry from most present day music, but the high energy and big beats kept us rolling every weekend!!

I wanna send a shout to ALL of my Sunshine Skateway people. I am blessed to know all of you.


  1. Love ya, brother!! I remember the shuffling around the slower skaters. It was always hard when following behind Kenny because you could never see what was coming in front of him... Good times!!

  2. Those days were so important to me back then (and still are). My parents were splitting up and my family was a mess. But I knew I could go Sunshine, lace up my Riedells, lose myself in the pack and skate my stresses away. At least until Milton called "Last Skate" and the bright lights came back on. The memories and friendships made back then are as strong today as they were back then and I can't tell you how important that has been for me. Thanks for putting this together, I can listen to it, close my eyes and almost feel like we're all back there again.

  3. I went every chance I got as a kid and into my early teens before my parents moved me away:( late 70s till mid 80s. Never seen it changes over to a ice rink, that would've broke my heart. A lot of awesome times and great memories. I drove down to homestead a couple weeks ago and couldn't find the building. Is it still around d?