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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Madonna - Ray Of Light (Good Feeling Remix feat. Chris Brown)

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A true classic from Madonna, Ray of Light hit the stores in May 1998 and emerged from the album of the same name... Ray Of Light. The original track incorporates many musical elements, such as rock & dance as it's lyrics promote the theme of freedom. Since it was (& is) such a great song, I decided to add the lyrics to a more modern beat (Flo-Rida's Good Feeling) and also incorporated a party verse from Chris Brown. There are also several samples included with the remix, making it even more "club friendly". So, if you're a Madonna fan (or even if you're not), be sure to check out this remix and download it for your ipod or mp3 player.

I hope everyone enjoys the Ray Of Light (Good Feeling Remix) and be sure to check out all my other mixes. Everything I put online is free to download.... no ads, no spam, no registration... just pure DJ Diamond Dog mixes for you to enjoy. Thanks for your support of, and please share my web link with all your friends.

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