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Monday, September 28, 2015

DMX - What's My Name (2015 Rabid Remix)

What's My Name, originally released in the fall of 1999, is a high energy track from the then popular DMX. The raw energy, lyrics and overall sound made this the pick to be the debut single off his album And Then There Was X. What's My Name had raw and powerful production, enough to push it up to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. The sound was original and the lyrics were about the high profile of DMX' status at the time.

What's My Name (2015 rabid remix), after almost 16 years, takes the same formula and recreates a classic for a new generation to hear. You can sample What's My Name (2015 Rabid Remix) right here. Then, be sure to get your free download and add it to your collection, share it, blast it and let all your friends know where you got it...!!

Stay tuned for more releases coming soon... including Tupac vs. Biggie (The Final Round). LONG LIVE MUSIC!!

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